Preparing Your New Website

Website costs can add up, especially when there are further changes down the line. But there are some things you can do before talking to a web designer, to make your new website better in terms of design but much cheaper to build.

Have a plan

Get your content written and divide your content into different subjects. This can help you decide how many pages you need and what will go on those pages.

Having your content ready before going to a web designer will greatly improve the end result, the designer will know exactly how to design your website and arrange content in the most effective way.

Know your business

Have your business information to hand. Web designers usually want to know some basic information about your business and your customers. You may not think this information is relevant but these details can help your web designer build a better website for your customers.

How much you charge for your services can help a web designer decide how best to draw up a style which appeals to your target market. For example, a business offering budget services will generally not want a website which looks too upmarket. Similarly a business offering premium services will want to reflect that in their website design.

If you’re concerned about confidentiality, write up or get your designer to write up an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Also knowing your competitors will generally help a web designer ensure your new website remains familiar to the market but memorable at the same time.

Decide your budget

When web designers ask what your budget is, it usually remains unanswered. It’s difficult to put a number on what you’re prepared to spend on a website, usually it’s just “as cheap as possible!”

You may get quotes from various designers, but those quotes may vary quite dramatically, which is why it’s important to know exactly what you want from your new website. The more information you can give a web designer, the more precise the quote should be.

Do your research

There are thousands of web designers out there, I have certainly seen an explosion of new web designers locally. People looking for a web designer will likely make a judgement based on the price and portfolio.

It’s important to know what you’re going to get from a web designer. Some web designers charge extra for SEO, others include basic SEO features. Some designers charge based on how many pages are needed on the website.

Beware of the budget designer

We never make an offer we can’t keep. We’re clear from the start so you know exactly where you stand.

I would question anyone quoting a very low price for a basic website. I don’t see any realistic way a designer can offer a good all-round service, especially a bespoke designed website, for such a low price without cutting corners. A good website will be cost effective, but going cheap could be a waste of money.

Some budget designers offer unlimited revisions, this in reality means you can ask for changes to the design, but if your website becomes too much work or the project takes too long to complete, your web designer may terminate the project. You’re left without a website and you’ve lost your deposit. Be clear from the start!

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