Why Your Website Stinks

If you have a colourful, loud, whizz-bang, eye-popping, super seizure-inducing website and you love getting great comments about it, you’ll hate this post.

Colours and Contrast

Bright, clashing colours only work well in very rare cases, but chances are bright green along with bright purple is going to look hideous. Too many colours and people just won’t stay on your website. Colour should never distract from the content or the over all message.

Text should also be readable, contrast is important and white text on a light grey background is not going to be readable for a lot of people. You have to take into account that different monitors have different settings so display colours differently. What is blue on one screen may look purple on another.

For good branding and good design in general, keep your colours consistent throughout the website. Choose a scheme and stick to it.

Flash and GIF Animation

Animation can add a great deal to the whole experience of navigating or using a website. However, making text flash or your logo spin looks tacky and dated. A flash intro is more annoying than helpful. Returning visitors certainly won’t want to have to click through the same animation each time they enter your website. Just display the homepage already!

Flash is not supported by mobile devices and many people don’t have flash installed on their computers. It can also be difficult for search engines to index a flash website or the parts of your website which are flash.

Themes and Templates

The advantage of choosing a ready-made website theme is that you don’t have to pay big fees for bespoke designs. The negatives, however, outweigh everything else. Hundreds and thousands of people will likely have the same design website. In Norwich alone, I’ve seen at least 8 different businesses using the same website template, which isn’t even very nicely designed.

There are also some essential features a website template cannot offer. A bespoke web design will usually come with hosting, website statistics, social media integration and SEO tools. All these features are important in maintaining an effective website which will help bring home the bacon. A website template will look nice, but nothing else.


Background music is a big no. If I’m searching Google and open 10 or so links in separate tabs, finding the website with the music is a big annoyance! But aside from how I surf the web, music in general adds nothing to the experience. The only time music is acceptable is when the website is a full-on movie-like experience.

Bad content

Always make sure your content is well written, well organised and easy to understand. Linking to PDF files separately is a pain for visitors, especially when the information contained in that PDF could easily be placed directly onto the web page. Restaurants, including major chains, are particularly bad at this.

You may also have a lot of information to get across, but too much text on one page is a big turn-off for web users. Looking at a computer screen for too long is bad for the eyes, so try to divide your content up into different pages, or cut down on unnecessary text.

No ALT text

Images can be a great way of getting your point across and providing some visual interest. Those images can go unnoticed by Google, though. Always give your pictures some descriptive ALT text so Google can pick it up.


It’s always beneficial to have a mobile-friendly version of your website. This is especially useful if your business is likely to appeal to someone on the go. For example, hungry people searching for a nearby restaurant or café will like to see menus on their phones before making a decision. We create responsive websites where the layout adjusts automatically to the screen size of the device it is being viewed on, so you are able to reach far more visitors than before.

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