Choosing the Right Designer

The perfect website, logo or graphic design comes down to choosing the right designer.

It sounds obvious, but it’s not always clear. There are hundreds of graphic and web designers in Norfolk alone, each showcasing a portfolio of work in the hope of attracting new clients. Some people will care mainly about the price, with the assumption that the designer will come up with something which fits exactly what they envisage, so they don’t take a second look at the portfolio.

To me, the portfolio is the most important part of a designers website, although I would say that! It showcases not only the work undertaken but also the style of the designer and the type of project undertaken. A carpenter needing a website will be looking for a designer who has built a few carpentry related websites, as the designer will have experience in the style of design required to appeal to their type of client.

It makes sense, but when you’ve spent some time browsing portfolios, you can be easily distracted by something which looks great, including the price, but doesn’t fit what you actually need.

My advice to those looking for a designer is to take the time to look through portfolios, get a sense of the style the designer tends to go for. There may be an element which is present throughout the portfolio, you may like it or you may not. Imagine your own website or logo in the same style as some of the designers previous work, could you live with that? Would it work for your business? Consider whether the designers work fits the style you prefer.

These points are more important than looking at costs alone. Everybody is on a budget, everybody wants something for nothing. It may seem obvious that the more you pay a designer, the better the project will be. An expensive designer doesn’t always deliver the goods, similarly a designer offering cheap prices may be able to hit the nail on the head.

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