Advertising your Cafe or Restaurant

There’s big competition among restaurants and cafés, especially in and around Norwich where there are over 800 restaurants listed on TripAdvisor alone!

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd? Here are some top tips on incorporating graphic design into your business to achieve successful results.

Loyalty Card Design

Loyalty Program

Rewarding your customers loyalty is an important part of keeping them coming back for more.

How about offering a free hot drink on the 5th visit? Or a free side order on the 8th visit? Even after your customer has collected all their stamps, their full loyalty card could unlock special offers.

There are endless options to help create a fun and positive experience for the customer.

Social Media

Social Media Design and BrandingIf you’re not on Facebook or Instagram, you’re missing out. Instagram is THE place to share foodie photos and Facebook offers some fantastic free tools to help promote your business.

We can incorporate your photos/video into branded Facebook or Instagram posts. This helps you stand out from the competition, it also makes you much more memorable, creating an association between your branding and the food you serve.

Redesign Your Menu

Any restaurant owner knows it’s a good idea to update your menu occasionally. It’s also a good idea to refresh the design to emphasise your new offering.

We can design a menu that matches your brand and is easy for customers to navigate and understand.

Restaurant and Cafe Menu Design


Poster DesignDon’t let customers pass you by! An A-Board is a great investment if you have somewhere to place it.

Sometimes your shop can’t be seen until you’re almost on top of it, but an A-Board containing a professional poster design will do a great job at catching people’s eyes from a greater distance.

Staff Uniform

When you’re wearing your branded uniform, the service you provide becomes more a part of your brand.

We can help you create a new logo design, or tidy up your existing logo, making it suitable for all kinds of printing. You’ll also get full copyright of your new logo design, so you can use it anywhere you like and even register it as a trademark.

Logo Design and Branding

Get it Designed

Whatever your graphic design needs, Norwich Designer can create a design that helps you convey the best possible image for your business. After all, if you offer a great product or service, you need a great design to show it off!

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